Tips for writing the PhD thesis

PhD thesis

A doctoral dissertation is a dissertation or doctoral dissertation. Its preparation requires a lot of commitment from the writer. One should have theoretical knowledge in a given scientific discipline and in a skillful and original way to solve the scientific problem posed in the work. In the doctoral thesis the emphasis is put on the analytical part of the thesis and the doctoral student’s own conclusions. The work must contain an accurate and critical literature review referring not only to the narrow subject of the work, but also to the general area of the given scientific discipline.

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PhD thesis

A doctoral dissertation should represent appropriate methodological and substantive values, which should be understood as a postulate of the ability to select and specify the problem of work so that it gives the doctoral student the possibility of maximally broadening the research methodology and the ability to concentrate on issues relevant to the given discipline. The aim of the doctoral thesis is to prepare for self-solving of problems, according to the future profile of the doctor, as a researcher or as a leader in conducting assessments and analyzes in practical life. While the task of the master’s thesis is basically filling in with the own inventiveness of the framework set by the professor who set the problem, laid out the work and gave the test methods, in the doctoral thesis the ability to pose a problem, selection of research material and selection of the right method of elaboration is one of the most important activities of the doctoral student . The doctoral dissertation should start with the preparation of an outline.

The scientific nature of the doctoral dissertation

It should be remembered that doctoral thesis is an important element of scientific research not only for the student, but also for the university. At the same time, a fairly common practice of lecturing its contents for inspection in the university library has been accepted. At the same time, many people interested in the subject matter of not only the university where the questions of the future doctor must answer are taking part in public defense. Therefore, when undertaking such a venture, it is worth asking our company, which will provide extensive help in drawing up the best quality work pattern.

Elements decisive for the academic work of the doctoral thesis

Research applications in a dissertation always have to verify hypotheses. Research applications expose the value of the research carried out, the results obtained. The essence of reasoning is the transition from premises to conclusions. They are the starting point for reflection on a given topic. The reasoning process is derived from everyday life and is not only the domain of the world of science or research. Every day we do this by drawing conclusions from the behavior of people, analyzing their behavior, manner of being, vocabulary and the level of personal culture. However, we focus at this point not so much on the method of inference, but on the very assessment of a given person, thing, fact. We do it mechanically, without thinking deeply. However, it is not always that inference leads to true statements and does not prove the truth, just as in the case of inference based on scientific research. The doctoral dissertation also requires a considerably extended work plan and bibliography, which must be much wider than in the case of lower-level work. Creating a work plan and bibliography is one of the first steps on the way to a doctoral dissertation. Therefore, while providing help in its writing, special attention is paid to these stages. It is at this level that the work is “set” according to the chronology of thinking from the general to the details. Additionally, when building a bibliography of a dissertation, it should contain not only national sources, but perhaps first of all, foreign language, which testifies to the broad horizons of the future doctor.